Guide to State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) Classes

                       A Comprehensive Guide to State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) Classes in the USA

The training  provides the essential knowledge and certification  to become a State Tested Nurse Aide.

Here is an in-depth exploration of STNA classes, including requirements, curriculum, costs, job prospects, job responsibilities  and some locations offering these programs.

Becoming a State Tested Nurse Aide

To become a certified nursing assistant, individuals must follow specific steps:

  1. Educational Requirements: Completion of a state-approved nurse aide training program is mandatory.
  2. Certification Examination: Passing the state CNA examination is crucial for certification.
  3. State-Specific Criteria: Meeting state-specific educational criteria and any additional prerequisites set by the state is necessary.
  4. Age Requirement: Some states may have a minimum age requirement for enrollment, such as being at least 16 years old in certain states.

Curriculum Overview

STNA classes typically offer a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics such as human behavior, medical communication skills, asepsis, nutrition, safety, body systems and disorders, basic skills, and more. Practical training components are integrated into the program to provide hands-on experience and ensure students are well-prepared for their roles as nursing assistants.

Costs and Entrance Conditions

The cost of STNA classes can vary depending on the program and location. For example:

  • Butler Tech in Ohio offers an STNA program at a cost of $1,041 including tuition and books/supplies.
  • Lakeland Community College in Ohio lists expenses for their STNA program including textbooks, workbooks, lab fees, and uniforms starting at $30.

Entrance conditions typically include completion of a state-approved nurse aide training program and passing the state CNA examination. Some programs may have additional requirements such as minimum age criteria or specific educational prerequisites.

Job Opportunities and Salary

Upon completing STNA classes and obtaining certification, individuals can explore various job opportunities in healthcare settings like hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and more. The median annual salary for nursing assistants was $30,290 per year in 2021 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries may vary based on experience, location, and type of healthcare facility.

Locations Offering STNA Classes

Location Program Cost Entrance Conditions Restrictions
Ohio (Butler Tech) $1,041 Minimum age of 16
California Varies Exam fees
Cuyahoga Community College (Ohio) $1,200


What are the job responsibilities of a State Trained Nursing Aid

The job responsibilities of a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) include a range of essential tasks related to patient care and support. These responsibilities typically involve:

  • Recording vital signs like temperature, blood pressure, pulse, or respiration rate.
  • Providing routine individualized healthcare needs.
  • Assisting with personal care such as bathing, dressing, mobility, incontinence care, feeding, and other services.
  • Collaborating with other STNAs and nurses under the direction of the Charge Nurse.
  • Following facility procedures for the admission, discharge, and transfer of residents.
  • Offering basic emotional and psychological support to patients and their families.
  • Maintaining accurate records of patient care, condition, progress, or problems for reporting purposes.
  • Assisting residents with daily living activities like getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, standing, walking, or exercising.
  • Promoting patients’ mental alertness through engaging them in activities of interest.
  • Ensuring that residents’ nutritional and medical needs are met according to established care plans.
  • Keeping the physical environment clean, safe, and pleasant for residents.
  • Addressing residents’ personal care needs with a focus on quality, compassion, and timeliness.
  • Performing any other related activities as assigned or requested



In conclusion, State Tested Nursing Assistant classes are vital for individuals seeking to enter the healthcare industry as certified nursing assistants.

By meeting the requirements, completing the training program, and obtaining certification, aspiring STNAs can embark on a fulfilling career providing essential care to patients in various healthcare settings across the USA.


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